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Band Traditions


-Although the marching golden lions are a 1A sized band, they constantly compete up a class or two at competitions and are quite successful!

-Prayer at the start of every class period, end of every after school band rehearsal, and before performances.

-After every varsity football game victory, the band, cheerleaders, fans, and football team celebrate in the school's front breezeway. The celebration ends with the varsity football captains conducting the band playing the fight song! 

-Every year when the band has finished learning all the marching moves for their show, the band is rewarded with cake!

- The band has performed at 34 competitions since 2005, placing 1st 20 times, 2nd 10 times, and 3rd or lower only 4 times. 

-The band does not march tubas and is highly successful regardless of this.

-The band pays tribute every year on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks.

-The band performs a "special show" once a year. The show is learned in less than a week, and involves pop and rock music, and drill choreography written by the band leaders. It has become a Pius crowd favorite each year. The tradition started in 2007 when band members Jill Florence and Lyndsey Duncan suggested the band play Every little thing she does is magic by the Police for fun at halftime instead of the regular competition show. Coach. carter sang, and a tradition was born!

-Before each football game or band contest, the band listens to vinyl records in the bandroom as a pregame warm-up. A vinyl record swap meet takes place in the band room once or twice a year. People bring records and stereo gear to donate, trade, and sell.