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Graduation Requirements

Credits Subject
4 Theology (.5 per semester at St. Pius X)
4 English * +
- English Literature/Composition I
- English Literature/Composition II
- American Literature/College Writing
- British Literature/College Writing
2 Foreign Language  +
- must be in the same language
4 Mathematics * +
- Algebra I
- Geometry
- Algebra II
- At least one math beyond Algebra II
4 Science * +
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics
- One Science Elective or
AP Computer Programming
3 Social Studies * +
- World History
- US History
- Government/Economics
1 Physical Education
- Personal Fitness (.5)
- Health (.5)
.5 Computer Applications * Denotes core academic area
1.5 Electives + AP Courses may be taken in place of equivalent required courses

24 Total

Works of Mercy Requirement

Students are required to take part in the Works of Mercy Apostolic Program as part of their ongoing Catholic formation. Students are to complete their Works of Mercy service requirements outside of the regularly scheduled school day unless the project is a Campus Ministry/St. Pius sponsored event (ie; Mission trip and March for Life). 

Students must complete five (5) Apostolic Projects per year. Each project must be no less than two hours in length. Of the five projects, at least three (3) must be from the Works of Mercy list found on the spx.org web site. The remaining two projects are the choice of the student, but must be approved by Campus Ministry. Specific concerns about projects must be addressed by Campus Ministry prior to completion.

Failure to meet the requirements of the program will be reflected in a 10 point deduction from the second semester Theology grade. In addition, seniors who do not complete the requirement will not be allowed to walk at the graduation ceremony. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who do not complete the requirement will not be allowed to be out of uniform on any day for the following school year.